Winter 2006 Cover

MQR 45:1 | Winter 2006

The Documentary Imagination, Vol. II

Winter 2006 Cover

Edited by Tom Fricke and Keith Taylor

See also: Fall 2005, Vol. I

Nonfiction: Kelly M. Askew on filming East African musical performers; Ruth Behar on a visit to the first World Summit Reunion of Behars in Bejar, Spain; an interview with Robert Coles by Tom Fricke about Coles’s life and lifework in the documentary field; Tom Fricke on the friendship of an anthropologist (himself) and a native informant in Nepal; Elizabeth Kostova‘s commentaries about working-class Philadelphia, with photos by Sandy Sorlien; Artemis Leontis and Lauren Talalay recreating a day in 1919 in Constantinople, abundantly illustrated with period photographs; Khaled Mattawa offering views of Mediterranean culture in “Letters from Libya”; Leslie Stainton on memories of an old theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; William Stott on the nature of documentary and how one goes about writing it, as he did in his classic work about the 1930s.

Fiction: Carin Clevidence, Stephen Gibson, and William Lychack.

Poetry: Joseph Campana, Victoria Chang, Jim Daniels (with photographs by Charlee Brodsky), Jana Harris, Benjamin Paloff, Titos Patrikios, Rachel Richardson, Matthew Thorburn, Richard Tillinghast, and Alison Townsend.

Book Reviews: Dargie Anderson, Mike Henkin, and John Knott.

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