MQR Sound

Some things are better seen and heard. Listen to author-recorded performances of poems from recent MQR issues.

Winter 2024 | Samuel Cheney Reads "The Goetheanum" MQR Sound

A note about the poem from Samuel Cheney for MQR's Winter 2024 issue: This poem tracks a culminating series of coincidences. It celebrates the spooky correspondences and recursions the universe sometimes presents to us. The poem turns when the narrator happens upon James Salter’s story “The Destruction of the Goetheanum,” in which the "vast, brooding structure" of the Goetheanum appears as both a photograph and a symbol. A failed writer in Salter’s story is at work on an unfinished novel—“the one great act of his life”––which is also called The Goetheanum. My poem is named in honor of this project.
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