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MQR Issue 60:3, Summer 2021

Announcing the release of MQR 60:3, Our Summer Fiction Issue Cover art by Eduardo Paolozzi, courtesy of UMMA and Diane Kirkpatrick Table of Contents Forward Polly Rosenwaike: Closer Fiction Farah Ali: Beautiful Felipe Bomeny: Tubarão Dounia Choukri: Black Bread Ye Chun: Anchor Baby Susan Muaddi Darraj: Behind You is the Sea Ru Freeman: Retaining Walls […]

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People of MQR: A Q&A with Aaron J. Stone

Write dreadful things. When I was younger—and even now, more often than I care to admit—I was very precious about my writing, afraid of how it would be judged by the audience I was imagining, even if that audience was just my future self. So I painstakingly labored over everything, refusing to share anything unfinished and often giving up entirely. Looking back on that writing, I still find it dreadful—a lot of good all that worrying did! What I wish I had done was write a lot more; you can see a lot farther standing on a mountain of garbage than a single, meticulously crafted step stool.

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little red riding hood by Joanna Consejo

Meet Our Contributors

SELMA ASOTIĆ is a bilingual poet from Sarajevo. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in EuropeNow, The Well Review, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal. She is the co-founder and co-editor of BONA, a Sarajevo-based magazine for feminist theory and art. She is currently pursuing an MFA degree at Boston University. Mostly, she would prefer not

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Submissions are Open!

We are now open for general submissions and submissions for our special issue reflecting on the 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Submissions for the Print Journal: Regular submissions for the print journal are accepted from January 15 to April 15, and from August 1 to November 30. Average turnaround time is

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