Water Folio

Water carriers in Cyprus in the early 1900s.

The Last “Water Carrier”

As [women water carriers] passed, almost like a ritual, the village men, especially younger ones, working in the nearby fields and farms would take a break from their work and line up on the sides of the road to watch them go by.

gorgeous lake surrounded by trees and bright blue sky

Algal Bloom

I remember the first thing Vienna said to me, after she ran up the driveway to our cabin, was “The water is full of poison.”  When I said “What?” she stepped back, and scraped her eyes over me, instead of answering, a clear appraisal.  “You got a little taller,” she said. She was much taller, …

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Elizabeth Rush aside her book titled Rising

Advocating Now: An Interview with Elizabeth Rush

“…I am also a little tired of offering reassurance. Because I don’t want to reassure people so that they go home feeling vaguely optimistic. What I want is for more people to recognize the urgency of the present moment and become involved in climate activism in their local communities.”