Fall 2004 Cover

Fall 2004

Fall 2004 Cover
Fall 2004, Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame Vol. I

Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame Vol. I

Edited by Barbara Tran

The Fall 2004 issue, guest-edited by Barbara Tran, is the first volume of a special double issue devoted entirely to the topic “Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame.”

It contains some remarkable work.

Nonfiction: A revisionist essay by K. W. Taylor, “How I Began to Teach About the Vietnam War,” Sarah Gail Johnson‘s memoir of coming of age in Generation X in the shadow of her parents’ Vietnam experience, Philip D. Beidler‘s review-essay of Sigrid Nunez’s compelling novel For Rouenna, Monique Truong‘s polemical meditation on the states of warfare, trauma, and prejudice ensuing upon the Vietnam war, Sibley Quy Thu Baigent‘s account of a study term in Vietnam, Thuong Vuong-Riddick‘s memoir of growing up in the Vietnamese countryside before the war, Indigo A. Williams Willing‘s sociological study of adoption by white foreigners of Vietnamese children following the war, Jack A. Yeager‘s study of the fiction of Pham Van Ky written in exile, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud‘s review of Truong Tran’s new volume of poems, and essays by John Balaban and John C. Schafer on the art of Binh Danh, whose eerie artwork on leaves is represented in a color portfolio.

Fiction: Aimee Phan, Matt Freidson, Christian Langworthy, Vu Tran, Andrew Lam, Bruce Weigl, and Tran Dieu Hang.

Poetry: Linh Dinh, Lam Thi My Da, Earl Coleman, Walt McDonald, and Barbara Tran.

Together with Part 2 (Winter 2005) this special issue offers the richest assortment of writings about Vietnam ever assembled in an academic journal. Some 450 pages altogether offer an unprecedented range of literary and discursive works about Viet Nam past and present.

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