Spring 2020 Cover Promo

MQR Issue 59:2, Spring 2020

Announcing the release of MQR 59:2

Cover Art courtesy of USGS.

Table of Contents



  • Brett Busang: Artists on the River
  • Sharif S. Elmusa: The Occupation of Water
  • Marianne Jay Erhardt: Big Time
  • Donovan Hohn: Deep Sea Fishing
  • Amalia Melis: The Sea Fools You
  • Henry Pollack: Ice, Water, and Climate
  • Sayd Randle: Ordinary Disasters: On Unexceptional Flooding in LA’s San Fernando Valley
  • Elisée Reclus, translated by Richard Watts: The Story of a Steam: Water in a City


  • Jasmine V. Bailey: New World Alphabet
  • David Baker: The Loneliness of Animals; The Baters at Nerja; So Far
  • John-Michael Bloomquist: The Marriage of the Sea Ceremony; Seti
  • Aaron Brown: Beqaa Valley, Lebanon
  • Sarah Carson: 90 Miles Southeast of Flint, Michigan, Elizabeth Warren Asks What Good It Is To Run For President Just To Talk About The Things You Can’t Do
  • Sara Elkamel: Mythical Flood
  • Ayokunle Falomo: Middle of the Earth
  • William Fargason: Ark
  • Gaby Garcia: Abuela Takes a Bath Post-Coup
  • Reginald Gibbons: Carla, 1961
  • Brooks Haxton: To The Water Bear; Oceanic
  • Jaime Luis Huenún, translated by Cynthia Steele: All The Light Underwater
  • Fady Joudah: Equinox
  • Jen Karetnick: I Commiserate With The Pygmy Octopus Found In The Miami Beach Parking Garage
  • Yasser Khanjer, translated by Marilyn Hacker: Thirst; Anklets; A Cloud in Summer
  • Anna Belén López, translated by Eugenio Polisky and Zack Rogow: “Swimming in the Midst of Asphalt…”
  • Farah Marklevits: How Deep
  • Emilie Menzel: I Spoke of a Home
  • Aimee Noel: Hierarchy of Fish
  • Cindy Juyoung Ok: Composition of a Raft
  • Romeo Oriogun: Nadoba; A River Poem
  • Antonia Pozzi, translated by Amy Newman: Alpine Water
  • Margaret Ray: Getting Your Period at the Waterpark
  • Richard Robbins: 2551
  • Laura Romeyn: Marking the Location of the Water Line
  • Richard Stimac: Calument Springs, Illinois
  • Jon Swan: The Glacier; Brittenburg; A Sea-Level Tale
  • Sergio Mansilla Torres, translated by Cynthia Steele: Going From One Island To Another; Suddenly; We Were Sailing Over A Black Sea Of Ruins
  • Sean J. White: Insurance; The Millpond
  • Maw Shein Win: Water Space
  • Yu Xiang, translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain: Horizon, 2011