Wandering Albatross (Diomedea exulans) in flight, East of the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia

“Albatross Diagram” Selected for Best Australian Poetry 2012

Gig Ryan’s “Albatross Diagram,” which appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of Michigan Quarterly Review in our feature on new Australian poetry, has been selected for inclusion in this year’s edition of Best Australian Poetry. Congratulations, Gig! Here it is for you again:


Expounding a triptych on a violet reed

he assumes attention

as if you’d luck in, or programmed,

like a charity on the council, learnt buccaneer

She frills his omen, doily to the chair

as a film amps decrepitude’s feast

You don’t know where to put your eyes

says you’ve got to be sure type of thing, two-pot screamer

hinged to the bar

Sky that was a pillow is all

though your chook wings fleck the footpath

and day’s vacuumed by a screen

Meet the subset, inventing dinner’s

folio of lanterns above her art of shrinking women

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