Vicki Lawrence

“You Owe Me” Selected for 2012 Best American Essays

The children I write with die, no matter how much I love them, no matter how creative they are, no matter how many poems they have written, or how much they want to live. They die of diseases with unpronounceable names, of rhabdomyosarcoma or pilocytic astrocytoma, of cancers rarely heard of in the world at large, of cancers that are often cured once, but then turn up again somewhere else: in their lungs, their stomachs, their sinuses, their bones, their brains. While undergoing their own treatments, my students watch one friend after another lose legs, cough up blood, and enter a hospital room they never come out of again.

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MQR 47:1 | Winter 2008

Anne Goldman on Saul Bellow; Jeffrey Meyers on Marilyn Monroe; Pamela Haag on women’s politics; a personal essay by Herbert Gold; and Don lago on the discoverer of Pluto.

Fiction by Danielle Lazarin and Susan Hahn.

Poetry by Mary Oliver, Charles Harper Webb, Jessica Garratt, Albert Goldbarth, Denise Duhamel, Richard Tillinghast, Daniel Tobin, and Mark Halliday.

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MQR 46:3 | Summer 2007

Judy Labensohn on Mount Zion; Berel Lang guides a tour of Jerusalem; Mahmoud Shukair remembers Jerusalem; Lisa Knopp on Nine-Mile Prairie in Nebraska Fiction by Avital Gad-Cykman, Daniel Herwitz Poetry by Helen Ransom Forman, Karen Alkalay-Gut, Sabina Messeg, Yakov Azriel, Nidaa Khouri, Hayan Charara, David Woo, Alan Williamson, Nan Knighton, Charlotte Boulay Order This Issue

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MQR 45:4 | Fall 2006

Philip D. Beidler on August Wilson, Mary Helen Specht on the critical power of cool, Harry Thomas on John Berryman and Ezra Pound, and a personal essay by Nigel Gearing. Plus: Diana Woodcock on Qatar, and Natania Rosenfeld on the value of miniatures.

Fiction by Olufunke Grace Bankole and Joe Ashby Porter.

Poetry by Kimberly Johnson, Michael Waters, Warren Slesinger, John Berryman, Christine Rhein, Michael Atkinson, Charles Harper Webb, Paula Bohince, Catherine Staples, and Sandra M. Gilbert.

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MQR 45:2 | Spring 2006

Miles Orvell on archiving 9/11; Jay Ladin, Marjorie Perloff, Alicia Ostriker, and Berel Lang on poetry and the Holocaust; Sandra M. Gilbert on diction; Susan Gubar on the importance of canonization; Wendy Steiner on unspeakability; Robert von Hallberg on Celan; Michelle Cliff on modern-day Lynchburg; and a conversation with Joyce Carol Oates. New fiction from Elizabeth Edelglass and Eric Gabriel Lehman. New poetry by Campbell McGrath, Lisa Gluskin, Susanna Mishler, J. Allyn Rosser, Patricia Hooper, William Baer, and Floyd Skloot.

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